With more than sixty million websites, including one third of the top ten million websites as of April 2019, WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solution in use. Especially its customization and expansion makes this CMS very flexible for any business case. To cover your regulatory requirements you have the choice to host your platform in a cloud or in a data center.



Mailing lists

Membership sites

Website design and hosting

E-commerce and online shops

Learning management systems (LMS)



One of the most popular wikis in corporate environments,
where knowledge and collaboration gets easy. Especially its add-on system provides high degree of customization to your business case. The platform could be hosted in a cloud, data center or at your own server. Accessible from any place in the world by any device, from desktop computer, tablet to mobile phone.

Typical implementations:

Knowledge base

Company intranet

Blog for agile teams

Manuals for employees, technical documents etc.